Vatika The Seven Lamps Sector 82, Gurgaon

Vatika The Seven LampsVatika The Seven Lamps Sector 82, Gurgaon :

• THE SEVEN LAMPS is a heavenly high rise private change in Sector 82 inside Vatika India Next, Gurgaon. The undertaking draws inspiration from ‘The Seven Lamps of Architecture’, a work by John Ruskin on the vital statutes of incredible development displaying.

• The gated gathering of The Seven Lamps will have seven towers; and since the wander is enveloped by low-climb changes, these towers will climb brilliantly from their center like seven fit aides. The towers will become purposes of enthusiasm for the area and be perceptible from Nh8 and moreover the portion road.

• The path to the gathering is from a 24 meter wide road, and opens on to a boundless open court. Settlement shopping is spotted here, with free group. Past this is the security gatehouse, which prompts a rich completed Arrival Court. Lanes take off from the Arrival Court to the private towers and the merriments. The Seven Lamps will be an environment where grandness meets convenience, and building outline and nature exist in faultless harmony.

Floor Plan 907.62 sq.ft :

Vatika The Seven Lamps1


Floor Plan 1298.05 sq.ft :

Vatika The Seven Lamps2


Location Map :

Vatika The Seven Lamps3



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