Are You Looking For An Apartment?

Are you looking to buy or rent an apartment? Certain features may be essential criteria to your choice even as you may have to make few compromises while looking for the most suitable option. But, keeping in mind some basic guidelines while searching for an apartment, will insure that your dream house is full of prosperity and riches.

Factors affecting the Apartment:

# History of the house, ascertain the reason for the sale. Who used to occupy the property? What do you know about them? How was their health? Were they financially successful? We must always move into a prosperous house.

# Time of your move to a new house is important. This will have either positive or negative effects on your health, career, finances, and relationship. If your move is for positive reasons and to a good place at a good time, good future will follow. If moving under difficult circumstances, but to a good place in a good time, your luck will change for the better. If, however, you move under difficult circumstances to a bad place at a bad time, you will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

# Placement of roads and other buildings is significant. In the modern world, roads can be related to rivers and building can represent hills and mountains. Examine the surrounding landscape carefully when you are choosing an apartment. Ideally, the apartment building should be protected at the back, either by other apartments building. Similar buildings on each side of the apartment building also provide support. Neighbouring buildings should be similar in height to the one you are considering.

# Shape matters. Ideally, your apartment building should be regular in shape – square, round, oblong . Irregularly shape buildings give the impression that part of the structure is missing – an L shaped building looks as if a piece of the building has been removed. The feng shui of the whole building needs to be considered before you start looking at your own apartment inside it.

# An apartment on the first floor or above – a higher level will give you greater exposure to natural light and energizing effect of prana. An apartment block that is square or rectangular will ensure that your home maintains a strong connection with the earth despite its elevated position.

# Ideally look for an apartment on either the north or east side of the building. Apartment windows in the north or east side allow prana to enter from the northeast , while other apartments on the floor form a ready – made block, preventing the escape of prana in the southwest.

# Windows are essential to the architectural design of any energized home, as they allow light and therefore prana to enter. Consequently, ideal Vastu home possess an abundance of windows – particularly along the northern and eastern aspects where pranic flow originates.

# The best position for a veranda or balcony is along the north or east side of a home where it creates an open space that encourages prana to enter. Verandas that run along all four walls should be slightly narrower on the southern and western aspects so that there is proportionately more space in the northeast.

For more information, you can visit Vastu Clinic


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